Statutory Audit For Companies

Every company incorporated under the companies act 2013 and erstwhile company Act 1956 is required to get its accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant in Practice to ensure true and fair view of the accounts.

Statutory audit of companies in India is prescribed by the Companies Act,2013. It comprises of reviewing compliance with accounting procedures, provisions of company law, tax laws and other related laws & standards and guidelines as recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for India, in line with international accounting norms. Besides, we analyse and report on the performance of the company to the board of directors through meaningful ratios, cash flows and other analytical tools.

The statutory audit team at Balakrishna and co has been an integral part of the firm for over 30 years. Acknowledging the responsibility thrust on us as auditors, we observe the highest ethical and professional standards while discharging our duties as statutory auditors of a company.

Our team of statutory audit consists of skilled individuals and chartered accountants trained extensively for conducting statutory audit under company act, income tax labour laws and other applicable laws

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